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Bruxism exercises

Teeth grinding symptoms can be minimized by relaxation exercises and practicing proper positioning of the mouth and jaw.

Relax the jaw, part your lips and create a gap in between your teeth. Rest your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Hold this position as long as comfortably possible. This bruxism exercise encourages jaw relaxation and teaches proper jaw and mouth positioning. Practice by placing your finger in between your teeth and allowing your jaw to slack.

Chin pushes are another bruxism exercise. Place your fingers on the front of you chin. Create tension with your fingers and push your chin forward. Return to the start position and repeat 10 more times.

The lateral glide encourages jaw range of motion and strengthens the jaw muscles. Place your index and second finger on the right side of your jaw and apply pressure. Push your jaw against your fingers, toward your right. Hold in this position for 10 seconds, return your jaw to center and repeat until you complete 10 repetitions. Switch sides.

This bruxism exercise opens the jaw muscles and encourages jaw extension and widening of the mouth. Make a fist with your hand and place it under your chin and jaw. Simultaneously, push your chin down while pushing up with your first. Apply even pressure; move your jaw muscles, but keep your chin still.

Apply a heating pad or warm towel to the neck, jaw, head and face to warm up the jaw and muscles prior to engaging in exercises. Choose one exercise and incorporate it into your daily routine. After a few days, add the second exercise to your daily routine.

Symptoms of bruxism that are not relieved by bruxism exercises may respond well to facial, neck and head massage, stress reduction therapy, splints, mouth guards and caffeine and alcohol reduction.

Bruxism and EFT

Teeth grinding can be treated with EFT - emotional freedom techniques. EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques can help you release all your negative emotions. EFT involves tapping lightly on various places on the face and body while focusing on the troubling issue. Remarkable results have been experienced by thousands who've tried EFT. More on EFT Training.

Bruxism and erosion

Teeth grinding and erosion are important to look at during a dental examination. By knowing the etiologies of both problems, a strategy can be implemented to decrease their effects. Management for teeth grinding, clenching and parafunction can include medications, cognitive behavioral therapy and dental appliances. Bruxism, clenching and parafunction together with dental erosion can cause dental wear to increase faster than any component alone.

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