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Bruxism causes

There are many different bruxism causes and it may be different for everyone. Even doctors cannot determine the exact cause of teeth grinding. Some of the most often causes for bruxism include:

Clenching vs bruxism

Bruxism is the non-purposeful grinding of teeth in directions different from normal chewing. Bruxers grind teeth at night but may be unaware that they are doing so. The teeth will crack and wear prematurely flat over time, although the teeth may not get loose or develop gum disease.

Clenching is the non-purposeful closing to teeth in the chewing position. Clenchers are often active day and night. They tend to prematurely wear the places where teeth touch each other in the chewing position. Again, the teeth show excessive wear but the teeth may not get loose or develop gum disease.

Bruxism complications

Teeth grinding doesn't cause serious complications. But severe bruxism may lead to:

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