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Baby Bruxism

Baby Bruxism doesn't require medical attention under normal circumstances. Baby Bruxism will go away on its own when a child becomes six years old. Bruxism is multifactorial.

A child of about three years old is likely to indulge in teeth grinding or teeth clenching when they are due for their first teeth to show up. Teething causes irritation in the gums and this might make the baby grind or clench the mouth or existing teeth. Some mild pain either due to teething or an ear ache can also lead to teeth grinding. Nightmares are also associated with teeth grinding and teeth clenching. Some attribute bruxism to the presence of worms in the digestive tracts of a baby If a child goes to sleep disturbed, he or she is likely to grind teeth during the sleep hours In older children, stress and anxiety is known to cause bruxism habits.

So long as the baby seems happy and looks otherwise healthy enough, there is not much need for worry.

Bruxism biofeedback

Various biofeedback devices are available and effectiveness varies depending on whether the biofeedback is used only during waking hours or during sleep as well. Many authorities are unconvinced of the efficacy of daytime-only biofeedback. The efficacy of nighttime biofeedback can depend strongly on daytime training.

A biofeedback headband was introduced in 2001. This is a battery-powered device that sounds a tone when it senses EMG muscle activity in the temporalis muscles. The tone starts off at a low volume and gets louder until the clenching incident stops or until a maximum volume level is reached. The biofeedback headband also tallies nightly data on the number of events that last for at least two seconds and the total accumulated duration of those events. More than 75% of bruxism sufferers experience more than a 60% reduction in nighttime clenching from the first day of biofeedback onward, and more than 50% of bruxism sufferers experience more than an 80% reduction in bruxism within the first month.

Another therapy relies on stimulating the taste buds. The therapy involves suspending sealed packets containing a harmless but bad-tasting substance (e.g. hot sauce, vinegar, denatonium benzoate, etc.) between the rear molars. Attempts to bring the teeth together ruptures the packets, alerting the user. The Taste-Based Approach claims to suffer less from desensitization over time than sound-based biofeedback approaches, but may interrupt sleep more.

Another device forces the patient to switch from breathing through the nose to breathing through the mouth. The device responds to muscle activity by signaling a mechanical actuator that slowly reduces airflow to the nostrils to force breathing to occur through the mouth. Once the patient stops clenching, the flaps open.

Bruxism botox

Botulinum toxin (Botox) can lessen bruxism's effects. An dilute form of Botox is injected to weaken muscles and has been used extensively in cosmetic procedures to relax the muscles of the face.

In the treatment of bruxism, Botox weakens the muscle enough to reduce the effects of grinding and clenching, but not so much as to prevent proper use of the muscle. Botox treatment involves five or six injections into the masseter muscles. It takes a few minutes per side, and the patient starts feeling the effects the next day. Occasionally, bruising can occur.

The optimal dose of Botox must be determined for each person as some people have stronger muscles that need more Botox. The effects last for about three months. The muscles do atrophy, so after a few rounds of treatment, it is usually possible either to decrease the dose or increase the interval between treatments.

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